Portable 1-3 Cup Coffee Maker, Press With Filters

This is a PORTABLE COFFEE MAKER is known as the YUROPRESS, constituted of 2 main parts, the rubber ring pressure bar and the filter catridge and filter cover. In addition, it comes with all ACCESSORIES including gift box, funnel, coffee spoon, stir bar, filter case, 400 paper filters, stainless steel filter, packing bag and detailed manual. It ensures a great cup of coffee wherever you are, as long as you have a scoop of ground coffee and a little hot water. It needs no batteries or power cord, and utilizes your hand to press. It makes 240ml of coffee at once, equivalent to 1-3 cups depending on cup capacity. It is easy to clean because the piston is fitted with a rubber ring that expunges all the coffee through sieve and filter under pressure, then one removes sieve and filter containing used coffee, and rinses the rubber end. Leave to drip or wipe with a clean dry cloth. Preparation is under PRESSURE for around 20 seconds, with the entire process of dosing and brewing / extraction taking less than 5 minutes!