Quality Coffee Experts.

We are an innovative company specializing in Coffee Quality Training, Marketing, Research Consultancy and Development Management.

About Us

Utake is a Swahili word coined from the word Desire, which is a result that resonates with all the great things in coffee- knowledge, skill and the best that the global sector has to offer.

Colloquially, it is a drive to domestic coffee consumption, one of the ways to understand, trade and keep abreast with trends in this dynamic industry.

We seek to Empower and Promote the best of Africa!

The Lab

UTAKE COFFEE LTD is an innovative company specializing in Coffee Quality and Marketing Consultancy and Development Management. The company works to promote better understanding of these practices through training, mentoring and consultancy. We are also licenced Coffee Dealers which allows us to Import, Export and Roast coffees from all coffee producing origins, since mid 2018.