Medium Roasted, Coffee BEANS

Medium RoastedWHOLE BEANS is for coffee brew using any brewer but needs prior grinding to appropriate grind size with a coffee grinder.
Utake Coffee is sourced from the best of Kenyan Specialty coffee farmers. It is carefully selected and approved by experts at Africa’s first certified Premier Teaching Campus and Roastery. It is then expertly hand roasted to a medium-dark roast, in small batches, then cupped for quality analysis and packaged in airtight, high-quality bags. The bags are triple-layered with an environmentally friendly middle kraft layer, and fitted with a one-way valve that ensures the coffee continues to degas but is not affected by oxygen or moisture which leads to premature staling. They also have a resealing zip-lock making the bag reusable and good for the environment.

Tasting notes- Black currant, Cane sugar, Chocolate with bright citrus acidity and smooth, silky body.
Roast- Medium roast, Whole Bean