A remarkably well balanced and sweet cup. We were first introduced to Mukuyuni Farmers’ Co-operative society by the cup, and it was love at first sip.
A cup with medium, lively acidity and balanced body giving a smooth, balanced mouthfeel. Black currant, berry, chocolate, honey, tart, jelly,cane, sweet, complex!

General information
Variety:                 SL-28
Processing:          Fully washed
Crop year:            2018
Certification :      Fairtrade
Cupping score:   87
Screen size:         17

Coop info

Mukuyuni Farmers’ Co-operative society Ltd is a coffee society situated near Kingatuani market 16km along the Machakos -Kathiani road, in Kaewa sub location, Iveti Location, Kathiani Sub County, Machakos County, in the lower Eastern part of the Republic of the Kenya.
The society is surrounded by the beautiful scenic landscape of the famous Iveti Hills, behind River Mukuyuni. The area has an altitude of 1993M above sea level.
Mukuyuni FCS ventured on their own in the year 1996 after the split of the Iveti FCS which had 11 factories.
The society has grown in member numbers and production volumes to it’s current membership of 932 farmer members (575 male 347 female). The society shares resources, technical advice and quality control measures with all of it’s producer members. Utilizing traditional high quality Kenya coffee picking and processing standards, the Mukuyuni Farmers Cooperative Society has been able to deliver tremendous quality coffees consistently.


Mukuyuni FCS aims at being the best coffee producing factory in the country and beyond in coffee processing, with a view of being the center of excellence and innovation in the coffee sector.


The society has been on the forefront in advocating for proper means of mitigating the challenges of climate change employing means such as organic farming, green energy and crop diversification The farmers in the area have incorporated additional crop farming to include banana , tomatoes, onions and cabbage, in addition to the stable crops such as maize and beans grown. In the sector of animal production, the society as both beehive and poultry project supplying its members with honey and quality chicks, projects which have created and diversified jobs for many members and subsequently improved the earnings of the area.


The society has been earmarked as the center of transitional change in operations, research and technology in the area. The board of directors and the management has invested heavily in the operations of the society in order to maximize revenue and at the same time minimize costs.
Some of the services and advancements include:
-Digital weighing machines
-Electricity run motors and pulping machines
-Publications on coffee production and marketing journals.
-Purchase of society Lorry..
-Adoption and implementation of policies such internal controls, finance and health.
-Training and research on Agriculture.


The society has received great support from development partners such as Fairtrade Africa and WE EFFECT through collaboration with the Machakos Co-operative Union. It’s from this support that the society has been able help farmers to adapt to challenges of climate change, courtesy of the Climate Change Academy. The partnerships have had a great impact and managed to improve the following, to name but a few:
1. Institution and management capacity to deal with challenges of climate change.
2. Resilience to climate change though better agricultural practices and disaster management.
3. Employment and switch to green energy
4. Revenue due to crop diversification and research.

It’s from these partnerships and deep commitment that the society has remained steadfast and managed to excel in its operations, having the vision to remain the leading society in the country and beyond.

The society- due to its excellence in management, was awarded “the best managed society with high production” in Machakos County during the 2018 Ushirika celebrations. The society was also awarded the “best in rate payment to members” by its miller and marketer Tropical Farm Management Limited in the year 2018.

-Equality and equity.
-Democracy and respect.
-Honesty and transparency.
-Accountability and diligence,
-Innovation and creativity.